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Group events

group event prcing

Group pricing varies depending on size and age. Please contact us for a custom quote.

Rodeo Zone loves group events! Day-cares, churches, youth groups, family reunions, sororities & fraternities have all experienced had a blast at RZ and returned for more!

Book your next group event and be sure to make some lifelong memories!

Family Reunion at Rodeo Zone
Motor Pony / Mechanical Horse

When you book Rodeo Zone for for your group event you will be sure to have a unique and special time!

There are numerous activities at RZ for everyone to enjoy including the all time favorite "Rodeo Games." If you have ever wanted to enter in a rodeo event, now is your chance!

All of the Rodeo Games are on conducted on our mechanical bulls, horses and Motor Ponies. These are just a few of our Rodeo Games:

  • Robo Bull / Mechanical Bull riding

  • Robo Bronc / Mechanical Bronc (horse) riding

  • Motor Pony barrel racing

  • Motor Pony pole bending

  • Roping lessons

  • Team Roping

  • "Dad Powered" horse races


There are so many fun things to do at RZ that you will never get bored!  In addition to our Rodeo Games we have:

  • Redneck Bowling

  • Cowboy Golf

  • Fishing Pond

  • Pony Rides

  • Bucky Bass

  • Flying TCU Frog

  • Sky Bull

  • Barnyard Pettin' Zoo

  • Jail Break

  • Sling Shot Shootin'

  • Pool Tables

Bucky Bass Fish, Mechanical Fish
Birthday party at Rodeo Zone

Your group event at Rodeo Zone is custom designed for your group needs.  Our cowboy crew can cook everyone an amazing chuck-wagon meal or we have a large fire pit if you prefer to cook your own "fixins."  Outside food is welcome also.  

Rodeo Zone is a great place to sit back and enjoy some music after you have munched down on some good grub!  We have a small stage for you to set up equipment right next to our soothing stream. 

Rodeo Zone Birthday Party / Mechanical Horse
Sky Bull at Rodeo Zone

All of our group events can be custom packaged to meet your needs and size of group!

Rodeo Zone is MOBILE!!! 

We can bring all of our machines to your desired location for if you can't make it out to our mini ranch.

Check out our pricing below and give us a shout for more details!

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